The trailer for the upcoming horror movie “Ada” has been released on the movie’s official youtube channel. Ada, which will be released in 2 chapters, is scheduled to be released nationwide on Saturday, July 13th.

2 Chapters

The movie is being released in 2 chapters with each telling the story from a different viewpoint. The first chapter of the movie will be titled “Senritsu-hen” and the second will be titled “Zetsubou-hen“. Both parts are being helmed by Koji Shiraishi (Noroi: The Curse and Occult) who also has another horror movie being released this summer, titled Cult.

Ayano Sato and Minami Sengoku of Tower Record’s idol group “Up Up Girls” take on the role of two high school girls who aim to kill one another. Girls from Tower Record’s other idol groups Caramel ☆ Ribbon, LinQ, Vanilla Beans and Lyrical School will fill out the rest of the cast members.


Ayano Sato will take on the role of Yuko Watanabe, a high-school girl who is a student at a cram school. When a murder occurs at the school, she begins to feel dread and extreme anxiety as her classmate Miho, played by Minami Sengoku, has a sudden & drastic personality change. The personality change scares Yuko and adds to her anxiety.

The first chapter, titled Senritsu-hen, is filmed in the style of a mock-umentary and follows the details of Yuko’s revenge on Miho. The second chapter, Zetsubou-hen, recounts the story from Miho’s perspective and shows how the death of her best friend triggers her dramatic personality change.

New Idol Group

The movie’s soundtrack and theme songs will be sung by a new idol group which is being created just for the movies. T-Palette mini All Stars will be recording the song “Bad Blood” for the first movie and the song “Hereafter” for the second movie.

You can check out the movie’s trailer below.

Update 07/09/13: A second, full length trailer was released on the movie’s official youtube channel. We have included it below.

Ada Trailer

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