With half the year already over, chart compiler Oricon has put together the top 10 Japanese dramas ranked by viewership ratings for the first half of 2013. The ratings have been finalized so now we can take a look and see how the competing dramas stacked up to one another.

In the top spot, with a 22.4% viewership rating, was the second season of the popular detective drama, Galileo. It had 4 consecutive weeks of a 20.0% or higher rating, a record which stood unbroken since Gokusen achieved it back in 2008.

The first season of Galileo aired back in 2007 and there have been several follow-up specials made since. In 2012, it was announced that a second season was beginning production and it began airing on Fuji TV in April of this year. Galileo also has a movie special being released in theaters today titled “Midsummer Formula“.

In the number 2 spot is the morning drama series “Amachan“. Amachan takes place in the Tohoku area of Japan. It focuses on Rena Nounen’s comical character Aki who wants to become a female diver and help revitalize her hometown, and become an idol. Amachan was a surprise hit among viewers and was extremely close behind Galileo in ratings, garnering 22.2% viewership. Amachan began airing in April and will continue through till the end of September.

Rounding out the top 3 is NHK’s “Yae no Sakura“. The period drama stars Haruka Ayase who plays a female gunslinger and fights for female equality in Japanese society. It’s loosely based on the life of Yae Niijima who is often called the nightingale of Japan. Yae no Sakura is a taiga drama which airs throughout the year on Sunday evenings at 10:00 PM. The drama garnered a 21.4% viewership rating.

You check out the full list of the dramas in ascending order below. The ranking period was from January 25th through June 25th, 2013.

#10. Takushi Doraiba No Suiri Nisshi – 16.2%

Reasoning Diary of a Taxi Driver

#9. The Family Game – 16.7%

The Family Game

#8. Last Cinderella – 17.8%

Last Cinderella Drama

#7. Specialist (SP ) – 19.4%

Specialist Japanese Drama

#6. Jun & Ai (SP ) – 20.2%

Jun and Ai Drama

#5. Tonbi – 20.3%

Tonbi Drama

#4. Aibou (Season 11 ) – 20.7%

Aibou Drama Season 11

#3. Yae no Sakura – 21.4%

Yae no Sakura Drama

#2. Amachan – 22.2%


#1. Galileo (Season 2 ) – 22.4%

Galileo Season 2

Source: Oricon.jp (Japanese)