Asami Mizukawa has signed on to play the lead and the lead’s eerie doppelganger in the upcoming horror movie, Bilocation. The film is based on the horror novel by author Haruka Hojo. The novel won the feature prize in the Japanese horror novel Awards back in 2010.

Bilocation is based on the doppelganger phenomenon which is the existence of a paranormal or supernatural-based double of oneself. The doubles are usually perceived as evil or malicious. When doppelgangers are seen by family or friends, they foretell bad luck or illness. When a person sees his or her own doppelganger, they are perceived as an omen of death.

In the movie, Mizukawa plays Takamura Shinobu, a recently divorced painter who spends her days alone in her room painting on canvas. One day, Shinobu gets accused of using counterfeit money at a nearby supermarket. She watches the video evidence from the security footage and sees that the person at the counter does in fact look just like her. She protests, claiming that the women in the video couldn’t be her – she was at home painting on the day in question. Little does she know that the truth behind her apparent doppelganger is unimaginable, and she’ll have to risk her life to uncover it.

Asami MizukawaMizukawa decided to take the role because she says, “The story is closer to a suspense than it is a horror. I find it incredibly interesting to draw on the psychological darkness of the human mind.”

She continues, “The challenge of taking on a unique role like this doesn’t mean you play two different people, but instead you take on the emotions of the present situation and adapt yourself to fit them.

Directing the film will be Mari Asato (Gomennasai, Juon: White & Black Ghost). Bilocation will be released nationwide in Japan on January 18th, 2014.

Stay tuned and we’ll update this page with more info as it’s released, as well as include the trailer when it becomes available.

Update 11/18/2013: The full trailer has been released on the movie’s official website. We’ve included it below:

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