New Hanako Of The Toilet Horror Film To Be Released June 29th

Hanako Toliet 2013Yesterday, it was announced that the new Hanako of the Toilet horror movie will be released in Japanese theaters on Saturday, June 29th.

Hanako of the Toilet (Toire no Hanako-san) is based on an urban legend which was adapted into several children’s stories. In the 90s, the stories were adapted into 2 feature films which were a big hit in Japan when they were released.

The recurring theme of the franchise centers on ghost who has the appearance of a young, disheveled looking girl in a red skirt who haunts high-school bathrooms.

The students of the school are supposed to test their courage by knocking on the third stall and asking if Hanako is there. If they get a response and open the stall door, the ghost of Hanako will appear in front of them. It’s often compared to the western Bloody Mary urban legend as they share quite a few similarities.

The new Hanako film, the first Hanako project in 15 years, will have 15 year-old newcomer Yuka Ueno playing the lead character Sayo Nagasawa. Sayo moves from a big city to a rural town in the country where she begins attending high school as a transfer student. Things take a turn for the horrifying when a mysterious death occurs in one of the school’s bathrooms.

In addition to acting, she will also be putting her voice to work as she will provide the vocals for the movie’s theme song. Ueno recently participated in, and won, a vocal competition which sought to “discover the diva of the future” where she beat out 10,000 other contestants. The film will be directed by Yamada Masashi (Tentsuki).

A limited sneak peek is being screened at Sunshine Cinema in Tokushima on June 22nd (Saturday).

You can watch the movie’s theatrical trailer below:

Source: Nico News (Japanese)


  1. SteveSmith

    May 27, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    Do they just throw darts at a dartboard when coming up with movie ideas? Seriously? Hanako of the toilet? Man, I should go to Japan and become a movie producer, I could make a fortune with my own original ideas.

    • V

      June 18, 2014 at 6:30 pm

      You must have missed the part where it says it comes from an urban legend. The story basically states that if a student sees Hanako in the bathroom, they can keep her at bay by showing her good grades. It was a way to keep kids good in school. So the next step is horror films. Why not?

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