It was announced in today’s issue of Shonen Gangan magazine that Tonagai Yoshiki’s manga “Judge” will be getting a live-action adaptation.

The serialized manga ran from January 2010 through July 2012. A 6 volume compilation of the entire series was released in November of 2012.

The story follows the protagonist Hiro, who seems to be your typical, everyday high school student. Hiro was madly in love with a close friend named Hikari that he had grew up with, and knew from early childhood. Unfortunately for Hiro, the love of his life was seeing someone – his older brother. Desperate, Hiro decides to confess his feelings to her anyways, but the confession doesn’t pan out as expected. While setting up the meeting so he can tell her how he feels, there is a fatal car accident and Hikari dies.

2 long years pass and Hiro is attempting, but failing, to get on with his life. One fateful day, after what seemed like a random mugging, Hiro gets knocked unconscious. He wakes to find himself wearing an giant disfigured rabbit mask. He also notices his hands are bound tight and the room he is in is locked up tight. He’s also not alone. 9 other victims appear to be in the room with him. Strangely, they are also wearing the strange animal masks. It turns out that this is all for a sadistic game of some sort. He and the other “players” are about to play the game of their lives…

Yoshiki’s Judge is a dramatic suspense/psychological manga that is reminiscent of Liar Game and Battle Royale. It’s a follow up to the “Doubt” manga which preceded it. The manga will be getting a US release in the not to distant future and will hit store shelves in August.

The live-action film is expected to be released this fall. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you more information (and the trailer) as it becomes available.

Source: (Japanese)