It was reported earlier on the Japanese website CinemaToday, that the cult zombie film “Versus” has been green-lit for a sequel.

Director Rhuhei Kitamura, known for his work on the US film ‘Midnight Meat Train‘ and the Azumi films, announced during the premiere of his film “No One Lives” that plans are in motion to release a sequel Versus.

Released in 2000, Versus is an independently produced zombie movie that has grown into a cult classic over the years.

The movie follows prisoner KSC2-303 who defies a command from the criminal organization which set him free to save an innocent girl. Things begin to take a turn for the strange when it turns out that the forested area they are in is supernatural, and capable of bringing the dead back to life – The Forest Of Resurrection.

Things go from bad to worse when it turns out that the Yakuza have been hiding their dead in the forest for years. A horde of living dead (zombies) begin their assault under the direction of something even more sinister.versus 2

The actor who played prisoner KSC2-303, Tak Sakaguchi (Tokyo Gore Police, Azumi) had recently announced his intentions to retire from acting but director Kitamura doesn’t think that will be a problem, “He’s retired but he’ll sign onto the project if I am directing” he told fans. Kitamura is returning back to Japan after spending a few years in Hollywood, working on projects like the horror movies “Midnight Meat Train“, and “No One Lives” which was written by David Cohen.

Kitamura says that he fully expects the Versus sequel to be released sometime in 2014. Check back as we’ll bring you more details as they’re released.

Source: CinemaToday (Japanese)