At the Hello! Project concert “Hello! Project Premium Live ~Mobekimasu Yomiuri Land Part.2~“, which was held at the open air concert hall in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park, the sub-unit group Berryz Kobo announced that they will hold a concert at the legendary Nippon Budokan arena. It will be the group’s first solo concert at the venue.

The date of the concert is scheduled for November the 29th.

Tsunku, the producer & brains behind Hello! Project, walked onto the stage and interrupted ℃-ute and Berryz Kobo while they were in the middle of performing the song “Super Happy Song“. He announced to the group and fans, “I have prepared a day worthy of Berryz Kobo” and then went on to announce the concert news to the excited fans and startled group. We have included a video of the announcement below.

Captain of the group, Saki Shimizu, had previously mentioned wanting to perform at Budokan at a previous event a few months back. She really wanted to land a gig at the Budokan not only for the group, but for the fans as well.

berryz Kobo MembersTsugunaga, in tears of joy, explained that “I want our concert at the Nippon Budokan to be a great success, I want us to perform an absolutely perfect show!”

This isn’t the group’s first single concert at such a large venue, in 2007 they performed at the Saitama Super Arena and were the youngest artists to perform at the venue at the time.

C-ute is also scheduled to perform at the Budokan, at a special concert to celebrate their 200th performance. It will be C-ute’s first time performing at the arena and the concert is titled “Cute’s Day”.

It wasn’t the only news revealed at the concert; sub-unit group C-ute announced news regarding its latest single. It will be titled “Adam to Eve in Dilemma” and will be the group’s 22nd single. It is scheduled to hit store shelves on July 10th.

Listeners of the radio show “Tsugunaga Momoko” got a sneak peak at Berryz Kobo’s upcoming single, “Sayonara Watashi Usotsuki“. It was announced that the single is scheduled for release on June 19th and will be the group’s 32nd single. You can listen to it here.

Berryz Kobo Budokan Concert Announcement

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