7 members from the now defunct idol group “SDN48” have struck out on their own and formed a new group.

Konan, Megumi Imayoshi, Mana Ito, Juri Kaida, Haruka Umeda, Miyuu Hosada and Mami Kato are now members of a new startup group, called “7cm“. The group will not in anyway be affiliated with AKB or its label, although they aren’t opposed to the idea of performing with them, or making surprise appearances at events if the management permit it.

The concept and image behind their new group is one of “mischievous women in their late 20s.” The name originates from the average heel height of a professional business woman. The group desires to become bright, radiant women who can wear those heels stylishly (metaphorically and literally).

SDN48 was considered to be an older, sister group to AKB48. The group was short-lived however, only lasting 2 years before being disbanded. The group’s name comes from the day and time they performed at AKB theater, Saturday night. A time slot when members of AKB48 were resting and recouping. With the addition of more than 200 available members willing to take the stage at any time, having an older spin-off group became moot and their popularity waned. The lack of interest was the driving force behind their disbandment.

Many of the girls had been working on independent projects since and several are participating in the upcoming AKB48 election being held next month.7cm idols

7cm was unveiled at Club Asia during a special event titled ‘STARTING OVER’. The leader of the new group, Konan, told the fans who attended, “We want to stand on NHK Hall’s stage again! Will you support our efforts in reaching this goal?”

The new group has signed with Avex and doesn’t want to just have a strong male fan base, they also want women fans to admire them as well. 7cm will hold their next event on May 18th at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. In the meantime, feel free to check out 7cm’s new youtube channel.

Source: Mainichi (Japanese)