It was announced today that Miori Takimoto has signed on to star in the upcoming sequel to the horror movie Sadako 3D. Despite poor reviews abroad, Sadako 3D was a box office hit in Japan, earning more than 1.5 billion yen. The sequel is titled Sadako 3D2, and filming for the movie began back in early March.

The movie takes place 5 years after the first Sadako movie, which itself was a sequel to the global blockbuster Ringu (The Ring). Miori Takimoto plays a 24 year old psychology student, “Ando Fuuko”, who is responsible for taking care of her 4-year-old niece. She lives a relatively normal life until one day, strange events begin to unfold around the little girl in her care. Fuuko soon realizes a connection between the strange events and the ‘cursed online video’ case which took place five years ago.

Director Tsutomu Hanabusa and author of the Ring books, Koji Suzuki, have once again joined forces for the new project. At the press conference, they stated that their primary goal is to surpass the first Sadako 3D film and produce “the #1 horror this year”. They also said that they’re using using the latest and best 3D technology to enhance the film. Filming is expected to finish at the end of the month.

Miori Takimoto got her start in the Japanese drama “Teppan”, but is probably most recognized for her work in the 2012 GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) remake and the Japanese drama “Perfect Blue”. This will be Miori’s first time playing the lead in a feature length movie.

Miori TakimotoMiori said that this role is a challenge for her because she has an extreme fear of the supernatural, especially ghosts. She said that she was so afraid, she found it hard to just hold the movie script because of the ominous black binding. To make it through the movie, she forced herself to memorize the entire script in 3 days. The director didn’t spare any compassion however, he said with a grin that he “makes her cry nearly every day on set”. Being so frightened means that she won’t have to work hard to settle into the role.

The first sequel, Sadako 3D, was a hit among Japan’s youth, who made up more than half of those who went to see the movie in theaters last year. Sadako has become a horror icon in Japan and has been used in several successful marketing campaigns. She has been seen throwing out the first pitch at baseball games, released a photobook and even teamed up with Hello Kitty. We expect to see more of that this year leading up to the release of the Sadako 3D2.

Director Hanabusa was quoted saying, “My goal is to top the ranking for the most satisfying 3D horror movie two years in a row. I want to redefine 3D horror movies.” The film is scheduled for a release Friday, August 30th. Stay tuned, we’ll post a trailer as soon as it’s released.

Source: (Japanese)