Mahjong Manga “Tohai” To Get A Live Action Movie Adaptation

Tohai Live ActionBack in January, it was announced that Koji Shinasaka’s mahjong manga “Tohai” would be getting a live action film adaptation, however the accompanying details were minimal. Yesterday, more details were revealed about the upcoming film project.

The manga, which was first serialized in 2006, follows a high school boy named “K” as he goes about conquering the mahjong underworld with his superior play. He loves the mental challenge and has no qualms risking his life huge sums of money. However, for K, it’s not about the money – it’s about the challenge.

He battles the rich and powerful, as well as the dangerous while hiding a young girl named Amina who entered Japan illegally. He keeps her hidden to protect her from being deported to her harsh homeland.

The manga is published in Young Champion magazine and is often compared to another popular mahjong based manga/anime, Akagi. Tohai has 12 volumes in total, while “Tohai: Hitobashira-hen“, the sequel which began in 2011, has 4 finished volumes.

tohai manga movieKoji Shinasaka already has plans to release a spinoff manga based on Tohai, and it’s working title is “Hao Densetsu Lion“.

The character K will be played by Goki Maeda (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni), and newcomer Akane (of the idol group Girl <s> ACTRY) will play Amina, the illegal alien he keeps hidden for her protection. Dojima, K’s rival and biggest challenger, will be played by Hidekazu Ichinose.

Seki, the man responsible for introducing K to the mahjong underworld, will be played by Satoshi Ichijo. Directing the film is Yuichi Onuma. Onuma also wrote the film’s script.

You can check out the movie’s theatrical trailer below.

Source: NicoVideo News (Japanese)

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  1. Tenpai

    April 23, 2013 at 8:22 am

    I simply can’t wait. It looks super low budget, and not the best quality, nor does it look to have any top level actors or actresses. But Mahjong movies and films are few and far in between. This is right up my ally. I’m hoping it’s like Akagi. Where the kid has a talent that can deduce the play of the opponent. Kind of like a battle of the wits plot.

    Anyone know of any other Mahjong shows that aren’t anime? I’ve been searching but can’t find any. The ones I could find are 30 years old and aren’t worth watching. We need more shows like this. More I say!

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