Maeda Atsuko and Arata Iura both snagged best actor awards at the 22nd Japanese Film Professional awards. Maeda won Best Actress for her role in the film “The Drudgery Train while Arata’s performance in “11.25: The Day He Chose His Own Fate” landed him the Best Actor award.

The Japanese Film Professional awards seek to spotlight underdog movies that may have gone overlooked for a variety of reasons. Movies are judged on the effort put in by those involved with the projects, as well as the overall effect of the film.

Ex-AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko won the Best Actress award for her role in “The Drudgery Train”, which was directed by Yamashita Nobuhiro. The film is based on the novel with the same name. It tells the story of Kitamichi, a 19-year-old alcoholic labor worker who never made it passed middle school. Kitamichi falls for a book store clerk named Yasuko (played by Maeda) but jealousy will soon threaten their relationship.

The Drudgery Train had a less than stellar box office pull which is why the film was looked at closely by the judges. The judges have commented that they were impressed with Maeda’s acting and expect her to see success down the road as her acting ability improves.

Arata Iura won the best actor award for his performance in 11.25 The Day He Chose His Own Fate. It follows the last 4 days of Yukio Mishima’s life as he and four members of his private army attempt to stage a coup at Tokyo headquarters with the goal to reinstate the Emperor to his former power. The film was screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Roadside fugitive (SR Saitamanoratpa Rodosaido No Tobosha) won best picture. The movie follows the members of a rap group called “Sho-Gung”. The group puts a hold on activities when one member decides to go solo. 2 years pass and the member who left the group is now an assistant for the popular rap group “Gokuakucho”. Circumstances forces him to leave town for a while and he eventually ends up in the town of Tochigi, which happens to be holding a musical festival. There, he runs into the members of his old rap group who are still struggling to become rappers.

The award ceremony will be held at Shinjuku Theater on June 15th, 2013.

The 22nd Japanese Film Professional Awards are as follows:

Best Actor: Arata Iura – 11.25 The Day He Chose His Own Fate
Best Actress: Maeda Atsuko – The Drudgery Train
Best Picture: Roadside Fugitive
Best New Actor: Yu Irie – Roadside Fugitive
Best Director: Koji Wakamatsu – Petrel Hotel Blue/11.25 The Day He Chose His Own Fate
Best New Director: Sho Miyake – Playback
Best New Producer: Kiki Sugino – Odayaka
Special Award: Naoko Otani – The Land Of Hope

Top Ten Movies

1. Roadside Fugitive
2. Outrage Beyond
3. Ai to Makoto (For Love’s Sake)
4. Odayaka
5. Like Someone In Love
6. Himizu
7. Fly With The Gold
8. 11.25 The Day He Chose His Own Fate
9. Kono Sora no Hana (Casting Blossoms to the Sky)
10. Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children)

Source: NicoVideo News (Japanese)