It’s not uncommon for Japanese idol CDs to come with handshake event tickets. These tickets are a way for music companies to increase CD sales, and are used by fans to get into events which allow you to meet and greet your favorite idol.

The concept is seen as a successful one because the interaction between fans and idols benefit both parties – the fans see it as a personal experience, while the idols become (or at least appear to be) more approachable.

A perfect example of the idea’s success is AKB48. Fans will pay a premium for limited edition CDs which come with one of the coveted handshake event tickets. Fans then show up to an event, usually held in a stadium, where they have the opportunity to have a few brief words and shake the hand of their “Oshimen” (favorite).

Handshake EventAn indie idol group called “Doppelganger” has decided to mix things up a bit with their new take on the concept. Collect the right tickets, 5 pieces in total, and instead of shaking your hand, they will lightly whisper in your ear.

The group will whisper whatever you want (within reason) into your ear, usually a favorite phrase or word, or you can trust a member and leave it up to them – dealer’s choice.

Doppelgänger’s official slogan is “I’ll do anything“, so you can be sure they won’t hold back.

Dedicated fans will get to enjoy the sensation of a Doppelganger member’s light breath on their ear and neck, along with the memory of the word or phrase echoing in their head. Words which will always be a secret between you and the idol. A bond that you now share which, according to the group, goes beyond a simple handshake.Doppelganger Live

The girls are often asked by the media and other fans what kinds of things they have whispered or have been asked to whisper, but they aren’t telling. They say that they have a strong will and fighting spirit, and they will use both to stay true to the pact they make between their fans.

The group is still an independent idol group that has yet to sign with a major label, but they have been starting to see an increase in popularity. Their first live concert was held on April 7th in Ebisu and fans considered it a huge success. 5 women make up “Doppelganger”; Asami Oda who is on vocals, Hojo Mami is on guitar, Kato Momoko is on bass, Haruka Kato is on drums with Yui Kaori on keyboard. The group won silver (second place) in Japan’s 2012 Air Band Championship.

Source: Merumo (Japanese)
Official Twitter @DOPPEL_AIR (Japanese)