The Gatchaman live action movie trailer has finally been released on the movie’s official website. Gatchaman, which went into production back in October, is scheduled for a nationwide release on August 24th, 2013.

Gatchaman is being directed by Toya Sato with Yusuke Watanabe penning the script. Watanabe was also the writer behind the 2013 Battle of Gods Dragonball Movie, the live action remake of Gantz, and the popular Japanese drama Bloody Monday.

The movie will star Tori Matsuzaka, Go Ayano, Tasuomi Hamada, Ryoheo Suzuki and Japanese IT girl, Ayame Gouriki. Ayame is acting in another manga/anime to live-action remake, playing Shiori Genpo in Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). Production on the movie began in October of 2012 and wrapped up in December.

Gatchaman is the story of a 5-member superhero team who uses their scientifically & genetically enhanced physical skills and martial arts to protect the earth, practice environmentalism, and promote the responsible use of technology. As members of the International Science Organization, they fight against the technologically advanced terrorist organization “Galactor”, who seek to control Earth’s natural resources for profit and evil.

The Gatchaman franchise has a strong cult following due to its global syndication in the 70’s, and is known as “Battle of the Planets” in the west. In Japan, it’s known as “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman”.

You can view the 30 second trailer below. Stay tuned as we’ll keep this page updated with more information as it’s released.

Source: (Japanese)