BABYMETAL has announced it will be releasing its last single “Megitsune“ on Wednesday, June 19th. The group, a sub unit of the larger idol group “Sakura Gakuin”, is a trio of girls who sing a music fusion of bubblegum pop and death metal.

The group released their 1st major single, titled “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” on January 9th, 2013. Their upcoming track is said to include combined their death metal sound with traditional Japanese instruments and an enka ballad to create a festive sound. The theme of the song is “women are born actresses”.

MegitsuneThe CD is being marketed with 4 different versions available for fans to purchase: A limited “Tsu”, limited “Ki”, and a limited “Ne” edition, as well as a less expensive regular edition. The limited versions will come with bonus videos from the BABYMETAL live events that were held from 2012 to early 2013.

The group’s upcoming tour, the “DEATH MATCH TOUR 2013 -Go-gatsu Kakumei-” has also added Zepp DiverCity TOKYO to its schedule. BABYMETAL will play an evening show there on May 18th. Tickets can be purchased on their website until April 18th (standing room tickets are 4,000 yen). All other scheduled concerts on the tour have sold out.

We have included a music video below so you can sample their unusual musical fusion.

Source: (Japanese)