Entertainment website Goo.ne.jp asked NTT DoCoMo subscribers, “Which Dramas were you happy received a special?“. With the polls now closed, the data has been analyzed and the results are in. Over 16,000 subscribers ended up casting thier vote for their favorite drama specials. Voting was conducted on the NTT DoCoMo network between February 2nd and February 22nd.

It should come as no surprise that the wildly popular Lucky Seven snagged first place on this list. Lucky Seven was the one of the top dramas by viewership ratings in 2012. Trailing right behind is ATARU, which also scored high viewer ratings.

One anomaly in the list is the Legal High special which has yet to air. It’s scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday, April 13th. Clearly the voters are expecting big things in anticipation of the special. If the votes are any indication, the 2-hour special should have favorable ratings.

Below are the top 10 drama specials in (descending) order of votes received.

#1 – Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven

7 detectives working at the same agency are happily working on their own separate cases until one day, they discover a connection between each of their cases. The discovery forces the detectives to begrudgingly work together. Despite their different styles, strengths and weaknesses, the detectives work together to learn the truth behind the mystery.

#2 – ATARU


Ataru has the power to observe, see through, discover and deduct microscopic evidence of unsolved crimes. He can do these amazing things because he suffers from “savant syndrome”. He’s a “detective rain man”. The police, familiar with his unique mind, ask Ataru to help assist them in solving cases. However, as the story begins to unfold, his sad past is brought to light.

#3 – Strawberry Night

Strawberry Night Drama

Reiko Himekawa is a detective at the Metropolitan Police Department. Since she doesn’t have family connections or an elite background, she had to rely on her skill in order to rise within the ranks of her department. However, a murder case named “Strawberry Night” is about to put that skill to the test.

#4 – GTO

2012 GTO Drama

Onizuka Eikichi, a former motorcycle gang member, tends to the flower garden as a part-time gardener at his former high school. When he sees a student being bullied by his classmates, he befriends them in an attempt to save them from themselves. Witnessing Onizuka’s unique approach to problem solving, the school’s principal decides to hire Onizuka to the staff as a teacher. Onizuka is then set to take charge of the most problematic class at the school.

#5 – SPEC

SPEC Drama Special

SPEC follows a pair of police detectives who are part of a special division solving unique and difficult cases. Touma has a genius IQ of 201 but despite her intelligence, she fails to “read the atmosphere” in social situations. Her partner Sebumi once was the star detective and had a bright future ahead of him. However, an incident caused him to transfer to the Mishou department. Together they track down criminals with special abilities (called SPEC) who manage to elude the police.

#6 – Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi

Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi

Yoshino Chiaki is a television drama producer. Despite being single, she worries more about her future and health instead of love. Planning to retire to the historic town of Kamakura with her friends, she sets out to visit the town. There, she meets a civil servant named Nagakura Wahei. Nagakura is a widow and is approaching a turning point himself. Meeting at the crossroads of their lives, they fall in love.

#7 – Legal High

Legal High Drama

Kensuke Komikado, an attorney with a 100% conviction rate, loves nothing more than women, prestige and money. Machiko Mayuzumi, a rookie attorney, is passionate about protecting the weak and has a strong sense of moral justice. Due to her inexperience, she can be rigid and awkward in her work. One fateful day, through serendipity, Machiko begins to work at Kensuke’s law office. Despite their constant clashes at the office, in the courtroom, they fight together.

#8 – Rich Man, Poor Woman

Rich man Poor Woman Drama

Hyuga Toru is the billionaire CEO of a successful IT firm. Sawaki Chihiro, a hardworking college student, meets Toru and becomes attracted to him. She sees a genuine pureness inside him and an accompanying solitude. Both traits draw her even closer to him. Due to their differences in status, the two often experience conflicts. Little by little, as they learn about one another, they grow to appreciate each other.

#9 – Umechan Sensei

Umechan Sensi

Umechan Sensei is set in 1945, in the war-torn city of Kamata, Tokyo. The story revolves around Shimomura Umeko, the daughter of a respected doctor and the youngest of three siblings. Outshined by her overachieving brother and sister, Umeko lacks self-confidence. After helping a sick orphan, she decides that she will become a doctor herself. However, her new path is not an easy one as the challenges she faces are numerous.

#10 – Aibou


Sugishita Ukyo is a head of a special task team which happens to be the least prestigious and in the lowest section in the police department. The rumor is that anyone who works under Ukyo eventually quits. The rumor earned him the nickname “the grave keeper of human resource”. But that’s not the only reason he has the nickname; when Ukyo fist transferred to this section with his secret mission, all of his direct reports died mysteriously. Somehow, the higher-ups in the department have buried the incident and are keeping quiet.

Source Goo.ne.jp (Japanese)