A live action version of Zekkyou Gakkyuu (literally translated “Screaming Class”) is scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 14th. Yesterday, the trailer for the movie was released on youtube.

Zekkyou Gakkyuu is a horror/drama manga that was created in 2008 by popular mangaka (manga artist) Ishikawa Emi. The film stars Haruna Kawaguchi who will play the part of a Kana, a high-school girl in an all-girls private school.

One day, Kana’s photo is selected to be used in a magazine and as a result, popular student Rio (played by Alice Hirose) starts to take notice of her. However, this particular brand of attention is not the kind Kana wants. Rio and her clique begin to bully Kana.Zekkyou Gakkyuu Live Action

There is an urban legend at the school which claims that a real life ghost exists in an old, unused school building. This ghost is capable of granting a wish, but the price you pay for that wish is that you will lose something very important. The ghost in the school is thought to be a former student named Yomi who was killed in an accident over twelve years ago. Kana decides to pay the ghost a visit.

The day after the visit, Kana becomes a member of the popular girl clique, but her friend Erika (played by Mayu Matsuoka) takes her place as the new target of the bullying. While Kana decides what to do, she doesn’t know that things are only just warming up…

The manga, which is a collection of stories rather than one serialized story, has already received several short anime promotional videos, as well as a “vomic” (voice + comic) video back in 2010. The characters in the “vomic” were voiced by AKB48 members Tomomi Kasai, Moeno Nito, Haruka Ishida, and Reina Fujie. You can view the live action trailer below.

Source: Zekkyo-movie.com (Japanese)