Hokkaido Recruits Yui Makino To Play Hungry Zombie Francesca In Promotional PV

Yui Makino - Hungry Zombie FrancescaLast year, a local “moe” anime character, which goes by the name “Hungry Zombie Francesca“, was created to help promote the Hokkaido region throughout Japan. The character has been used by several local business since, including a Sapporo-based taxi company in its recent decorated car campaign.

Yui Makino, a singer and seiyuu (voice actress), has taken on the duty of giving the character a voice. She is now the musical personality of the character, and she sings in the music video which was released on youtube earlier today. Yui Makino is a well-known voice talent, and is best known for her work in Anohana, Welcome to the NHK, and in Tsubasa Chronicle.

In the video which can be viewed below, Yui plays the role of Francesca, the undead idol. She wanders down the streets of Sapporo and sings the praises of the attractions and food that can be found within the Hokkaido prefecture.Zombie Eater Francesca The IOSYS’ dojin circle, well known for working on the music for the Touhou Project series, produced the song as well as penned the lyrics.

The HeARTBIT mobile content company, which created the undead idol, will be selling the CD single at the Niconico Cho-Kaigi event that is to be held in Chiba on April 27th and the 28th. The price and location of the booth will be announced at a later date.

What do you think of the local undead idol? Does it suit the prefecture or will it fail spectacularly? Should other regions adopt their own moe anime characters? Be sure and let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, check out the catchy new music video of Hungry Zombie Francesca below.

Source: Yahoo.co.jp (Japanese)

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  1. harvey

    March 27, 2013 at 1:18 am

    That’s cute. I wish more cities would do this. They should do this for travel promotion for the entire nation. It’ll attract all the otaku and weeaboos. “Come visit Japan, we got anime and cute Japanese girls. Bring your fat pocket books!“. I’m being 100% serious though, I think it would work, and work well.

    Can’t beat Touhou though. They have some high quality videos over on nico. They also have an English language sign up site now so it’s not as confusing. If you want top notch anime videos and PVs, that’s the site to get it. Youtube has a lot, but it has nothing on niconico. All the Japanese content creators are there.

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