Autobiographical Tokyo Story Comic To Become A Live Action Movie

Tokyo Story live actionTokyo Story, not to be confused with the 1953 movie with the same name, is set to get a live-action film adaptation which will be released in August.

Tokyo Story, authored by Nishihara Rieko, is a collection of autobiographical comics that that were originally published in a soft-bound book format. The movie’s plot will be adapted from these comics and is being molded into a working script. The film is scheduled to be released in Japanese theaters nationwide in August.

Kie Kitano, a Japanese gravure idol and actress, has signed on to play the role of the protagonist. Other cast members include Sosuke Ikematsu, Tani Kanon, Fumino Kimura, Kishibe Kazunori, and Asaka Seto. The film is being distributed by Phantom Films. The theme song will composed by GLORY HILL and is titled ​​”NOWHERE”. The movie will be directed by Toshiyuki Morioka

Tokyo Story Book Comic“Tokyo Story” focuses on the trials and tribulations of the author’s life as she packs up and moves from Nishihara (a small town in the islands of Okinawa) to Tokyo where she can attend an art school and fulfill her dream of becoming a successful artist.

The comic-style story recalls the author’s life during the 1980s as she struggled with extreme poverty as an illustrator, her less than desirable part-time job as a mini-skirt barmaid/waitress in the sketchy Kabukicho district. The movie will also explore her abusive on and off relationship with her loser pimp-like boyfriend. It’s a classic heart-warming, underdog tale which focuses on the true life of an average, struggling female in Japan’s modern culture.

After the film’s announcement, Nishihara Reiko explained, “It is the story of a girl chasing down her dream without getting discouraged, no matter what life throws her way. I hope many women see this film and are inspired by it.

Source: Official Webpage for Tokyo Story (Japanese)

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  1. hatori hanzo

    March 28, 2013 at 2:39 am

    Aww, my sister is going to be so happy. She’s a huge fan of the book. I’ve read it too, but she’s fascinated with it for some reason. I thought it was good, but not to the extent she does. She’s loves true stories and underdog type stuff.

    I don’t know much about the lead actress (Kitano), but if she’s some kind of model, I might be able to get my boyfriend to check it out. Teehee. I have an OK life, no abuse or anything, so this doesn’t really resonate with me like it does my sister, but I’m still going to watch it. I love heart warming tales.

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