Tomie Unlimited is part of a horror franchise that goes back 12 years. If you’re a Japanese film buff or a Japanophile who hasn’t heard of the franchise before, that’s because there is good reason. The majority of the films are mediocre, at best.

Don’t get us wrong, that isn’t to say the movies aren’t worth a watch. Although when compared to other legendary J-horror franchises like Ringu, Ju-on and Kairo; Tomie falls flat. After all, it’s hard to stand toe-to-toe with the greats.

Tomie: Unlimited is a bit different than its predecessors. For starters, it has Noboru Iguchi directing (the guy who brought you the Machine Girl and RoboGeisha). While a majority of the films in the franchise were set with a more low-key and slow paced mood, Iguchi’s over-the-top trademark is certainly noticeable.


The Tomie series is based on a popular manga by Junji Ito. It features a malicious demon/entity/ghost in the form of a seductive high school girl named Tomie.
tomie unlimited

Each story revolves around Tomie using her supernatural abilities to make men lust after her, eventually causing them to become jealous and violent.

After her true nature is revealed, she always ends up being savagely murdered and cut to pieces. Tomie then regenerates from whatever body parts remain to start the cycle all over again.

Review of Tomie Unlimited

While we usually like to write our own reviews, I think this review from IMDB sums it up best:

There is no question that Iguchi infused more entertainment value in this one film than all of its predecessors combined.

It starts off with a bloody death scene and becomes more outrageous and blackly comical with each passing minute. There’s more creativity than one might expect in terms of the horror elements, and the actresses are good. It fails to rise above simple popcorn horror, but it is fun to watch for its WTF moments.

I hope Iguchi directs another “Tomie” film, because he’s the only director who has displayed enough energy to make it entertaining.

If you enjoyed Machine Girl, then you’d probably like this. Though, you might enjoy the ride more if you have experience with the other films in the franchise, as it’s a complete 180° turn away from its normal somber mood and tone.tomie 2011

Why do we mention this film? One of our writers wanted to see this movie weeks ago, but couldn’t find subtitles anywhere. Yesterday, he decided to subtitle the film himself (don’t be too harsh, it’s his second attempt at fansubbing). While we’re not normally in the business of fansubbing, we did want to share his hard work.

The subtitles aren’t great, but they’re not terrible either (I’ve seen much worse). You can grab the soft-subs here. As far as getting the movie goes… well, you know where to find it. 😉

Update: Added trailer below