As AKB48 continues to rise in fame and popularity, certain members are also benefiting from the success. This time, it’s young Mayu Watanabe.

Last month, it was announced that Watanabe was to star in her first drama “Saba Doru“. However, the details of the plot and story were kept a closely guarded secret. Yesterday, some of those details were revealed. It seems that Watanabe will be playing 2 separate roles – one as a 38-year-old school teacher and one as herself.

The plot will focus on 38-year-old Shijimi Usa (Mayu Watanabe), who teaches classical literature in a Japanese high school.

While her students are mean and walk all over her, they are unaware of her alter-ego. When not in school, Shijimi lies about her age to take her place as the mega-popular 17-year-old idol, Watanabe Mayu – an idol whom her students happen to adore and love.

The title of the drama is taken from the word “aidoru” (idol) and the phrase “nenrei no saba wo yomu” (to lie about your age).

When asked about her role in the new drama, Watanabe said, “Playing the 38-year-old Shijimi is very difficult, but I’m going to give it my best.” She continued, “The show is a heartfelt comedy, so I hope those who watch will enjoy it.“

Kaminaga Keisuke, Takahashi Hitomi, Sakata Tadashi, and Ando Tamae will be among the supporting cast. Akimoto Yasushi, AKB48′s mastermind and creator, is handling the original work and planning of the new drama.

It was announced that the drama will have a manga version which follows along and will debut in Young Magazine on January 16th. In addition to starring in the drama, Watanabe’s first solo single “Synchro Tokimeki” (being released next month) will be Saba Doru’s theme song.

You can catch ‘Saba Doru’ Friday nights at 12:53am on TV Tokyo, beginning January 13th.

Source: Yahoo! Japan (Japanese)

Preview of Sabu Doru